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Dr. Neils provides personal, comprehensive care
to all his patients and treats a multitude
of conditions from acne to vein therapy.

We are open during the COVID-19 pandemic, and would love to help you either in the office or on a video call.

Dr. Neils is unique. No long wait for dermatology appointments. No unnecessary lab tests. No confusing medical lingo.  You will be cared for by Dr. Neils, not an assistant, so you will get the right diagnosis and the right treatment directly from the expert. We promise to give you a straightforward explanation every step of the way.

Services in 
Oconomowoc & Watertown, WI

Whether it is a sudden rash or a stubborn long-term rash or an eruption that other physicians cannot figure out — WE CAN HELP. Do you need some warts removed, or perhaps a skin cancer, or are you worried that you might have a melanoma — WE CAN HELP. Learn more...


About Dermatologist, Dr. Richard Neils, MD

Dr. Richard Neils, Dermatologist, Milwaukee, Watertown, Oconomowoc, Waukesha, WIDr. Neils is board certified in Internal Medicine and Dermatology and has been practicing in Wisconsin for over 30 years. He is a staff physician at Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital and Watertown Regional Medical Center. He is also medical director of Advanced Laser Clinic in Oconomowoc and Lasting Skin Solutions in Oconomowoc and Madison. He sees patients for the Lake Area Free Clinic. Wisconsin Public Radio also features him on a call-in show four times a year.  Read more...