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Dr. Neils provides personal, comprehensive care
to all his patients and treats a multitude
of conditions from acne to vein therapy.


As an Oconomowoc and Watertown, WI Dermatologist, I am a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of the skin.

Our Dermatologist can assist you with skin ailments from A to Z:

A: Acne to Athletes Foot
B: Boils to Basal Cell Carcinomas
C: Cold Sores to Chilblains
D: Dermatitis to Dandruff
E: Epitheliomas to Eczema
F: Folliculitis to Fungus Infections
G: Gianotti-Crosti Syndrome to Granuloma Annulare
H: Hives to Herpes
I: Impetigo to Itching
J: Jellyfish Stings to Jock itch
K: Keratosis to Keloids
L: Lipomas to Lice
M: Melanomas to Moles
N: Nail Abnormalities to Neoplasms
O: Orf to Occupational Rashes
P: Psoriasis to Pigmentation problems
Q: Questions? We have answers!
R: Rashes to Reiter’s syndrome
S: Sweating to Scabies
T: Tattoos to Tumors
U: Ulcers to Urticaria
V: Varicella to Vasculitis
W: Warts to Winter Itch
X: Xanthelasma to Xerosis
Y: Yeast to Yaws
Z: Zoster to Zinc Deficiency